the pollution ocean

but does it make any difference to me? One day I was walking down the beach  when I saw a group of trucks that were dumping hundreds of bits of trash and plastic. So I went up to them and said, “what are you doing?” and then they started chasing me for no reason. I ran home and called the police department.  They shouted,”What? I’ll be right there.” I told them they started chasing me, so I ran home.  They said, “We will be right there.” and I  was shocked what they did and they said, “Okay.” Before I could say hi, they were there and they got arrested for about 80 years. I’m not too sure, but it was definitely around 80 years or so.

One thought on “the pollution ocean”

  1. That was a very scary experience for the narrator of this story. It is awful to see someone doing something bad. It was good the police could respond so quickly. Well done.

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