The Roller skate accident

Harry’s  favourite activity was swimming and today he went swimming. He swam as fast as a dolphin! The next day he got ready for roller skating so he put on his yellow and blue roller skate shoes and ran out of the house onto the promenade.  Harry saw his best friend  Rob but he lost control of his skates and went flying into him. CRASH!!! They bumped into each other. “OUCH!” cried Rob. “I think I broke my arm!” Rob got driven by ambulance to the hospital. After his x-ray, he saw the results. There was a tiny chip of bone  that was missing, but he only needed a sling for five days. “I will never forget I am wearing roller skates again! And I will never trip again!” cried Harry. “I’m pretty sure you will trip again, Harry,” whispered his Mum.

2 thoughts on “The Roller skate accident”

  1. Hi! That last part was really funny! Though, Harry will probably still eventually forget he’s wearing roller skates. A thing that kept bugging me was the first sentence felt like it should have a comma somewhere. Overall, it was awesome!

  2. You have created quite an active character in Harry. I am surprised he would want to skate again after the unfortunate collision with his friend. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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