The scarecrow and me

Once upon a time a metal scarecrow that was sitting in the middle of a corn field.  I wondered what he thinking about and how he got there?

The next day I went to see the scarecrow  and IT SPOKE TO ME OUT OF THE 7.674 BILLION PEOPLE, HE SPOKE TO ME!

“Hello!” I said trembling in fear.  He said he was leaving the field tomorrow. I was sad, but little did he know, my dad lived in a farm house, AND HE WAS GOING THERE!

The next morning I went to my dad’s farm house and told him the good news, he was so very happy and we both lived happily ever after.


2 thoughts on “The scarecrow and me”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. I noted the use of author’s devices – a question to guide the reader, and words in capital letters for effect, which enhance your writing. I liked to idea of a scarecrow who could talk, but it would have frightened me too! I enjoyed reading your writing. 🙏😊

  2. I love how you used the number of people on earth in your story. It adds interest in your writing. Love the idea of the metal scarecrow who was able to talk. Good work

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