The Scary Scarecrow

In a beautiful place there was a nice farm with some potatoes, some tomatoes, some carrots and more. But there were a lot of crows, so one day the farmer [Joe] put up a scarecrow. But it wasn’t scary at all and the crows stayed. So then Joe got a REALLY scary scarecrow and all the crows flew away. But one day, the wooden base of the scarecrow broke and then it fell over. So then all the crows came back…  Some time passed and Joe then fixed the scarecrow and gave it a metal base. Then all the crows flew away and they never came back.

2 thoughts on “The Scary Scarecrow”

  1. Good job this week Johnny! I like the way you have moulded the story around this week’s prompt. You’ve got a good flowing narrative, and your language and description used throughout are excellent. I’m relieved that Joe the farmer was eventually able to successfully fix the scarecrow in the end after all that tiring and hard work!

    Keep up the good writing!
    Anna (Team 100WC)

  2. Excellent entry! You have taken this week’s prompt of the scarecrow and utilised its purpose (scaring crows) in creating an enticing story. That poor farmer, he can’t seem to get rid of all those pesky crows. Great idea giving it a metal base, that should keep them away for good!

    Your writing is great. I’m impressed that you made use of brackets to share more information without interrupting the flow of your story. The use of capital letters for exaggeration of ‘REALLY’ was also very effective. Did you know you can also use italics to heavily emphasise a word and make it stand out? Maybe next time experiment with that and see if it works for you.

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