The school trip

One school day, Molly and Joshua were waiting for their teacher to tell them the big announcement about where their school trip would be. Mr.Smith came in the classroom and said, “So everyone tomorrows trip will be at a ancient gold mine that has been lost for years meany people has searched for the gold but no one has succeeded to find the gold!” He continued, “Legend has it that in the early 1800’s there was a very power full king who was even more protect full of his belongings including his gold!” The next morning at 6:59 am, Lola woke up shouting ecstatically saying “SCHOOL TRIP TODAY!!” Joshua woke up tiredly. At school, Mr.Smith did the register and went to the coach. At the mining site, Molly heard a faint viola sound.

One thought on “The school trip”

  1. Hello, I think it would be wonderful to go to an ancient gold mine. It might be even better to find some gold. I really like how you have shown the different attitude of Molly and Joshua. Whilst I wanted to know where the sound of the viola was coming from, I really liked how you made it a “faint” sound. I think that was probably what grabbed my interest. A couple of tips: powerful is one word not power full, and I think the word you wanted to use was probably “protective” not protect full. Otherwise, a good story and I think there is an opportunity for another one to explain the viola.

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