The shy elephant

Deep in the jungle, there lived a herd of elephants but one of them was different her name was Ellie she was different because she was very reserved and kept to herself. She wasn’t as loud as the rest of the herd. The other animals thought that she was rather strange because she never spoke or stuck up for herself when they made fun of her. Ellie was upset and the reason that she didn’t stick up for herself was because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get her words out. However, Ellie had one good friend called George that stuck by her no matter what – he understood her and her lack of confidence.  One day George had enough and summoned the herd then the elephant delivered his speech.  

3 thoughts on “The shy elephant”

  1. What a wonderful piece of writing. You have taken the 100WC prompt and turned it nicely into a story with a heart and a lesson to learn. I wonder if you know an “Ellie” and a “George”? Great work.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    WEllington, New Zealand

    1. Hi my character George is based on my brother George who is disabled and struggles with his communication and gets upset and frustrated when people talk over him and make fun of him.😔

  2. Hi Summer
    Thank you for this really lovely story with a sound message for everyone who reads it. So often people hurt others thinking it’s only a joke! So glad that Ellie had such a good friend in George who stood up to the whole herd. This could so easily have been about children in a class like yours, where it’s important to watch how you behave with others and great to have a real friend. I loved you story, well done.

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