The statue and the horse

One day I won the lottery, and I became rich so I decided to buy my own farm.  I loved it. I had to get up every morning to feed the cows, chickens, horses and sheep.  My favourite was the horse called Stripe because of the stripe on his nose. One day I got up to see Stripe,  but he wasn’t there and, instead there was a metal scarecrow.  I searched the farm all day and night. He was nowhere. The next day, I went to my grandad’s house. When I went in the back garden, Stripe was there. I was so happy!

2 thoughts on “The statue and the horse”

  1. Hello Katie!
    I loved your idea to buy a farm with your lottery winnings! It’s definitely something I would consider, too. 🙂

    One suggestion I have is to add an adjective or two to express how nervous or scared you were you couldn’t find Stripe. For example, “I frantically searched the farm all day and night.” Also, instead of being “so happy,” perhaps consider a more descriptive synonym like “thrilled” or “overjoyed.”

    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100 WC)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

  2. Hi Katie,
    I like how you didn’t use the scarecrow as the main character like I read in so many other stories.
    I like the origin of the name of the horse and how it has a stripe on its nose. It’s sensible.
    From Henry,
    Melbourne, Australia

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