The statue

When the sun was rising,  after she had her yummy tea, Olivia went to watch some TV. Then she got bored so she asked her mum if she could play outside and  she said yes so she went to the garden to go play.  Olivia’s next door neighbour had this statue in their garden and it was right next to the fence so she could see it closer. She went closer because it looked cool – it was scary but cool😁

statue: hey little kid

Olivia: what was that!?

statue: me

Olivia: d-d-d-did you just talk!

statue: yes😬

Olivia: w-w-w-w-what

statue: ???

Olivia: AH!!!!

*Olivia runs off *

statue: hey where u going!

*Olivia runs to her bedroom*

mum: Olivia what’s up!

Olivia: come to my bedroom then I’ll tell u!

mum: okay I’m here what’s up😧

Olivia: right… I was outside and that statue talked!

mum: oh my god really

Olivia: yes!!!

One thought on “The statue”

  1. Hello, this is an interesting response to the challenge. I like how you recorded the conversation between Olivia and the statue. It made it seem real. It also gave the statue some character and the reader a chance to have feelings for the statue. I also think the conversation between Mum and Olivia worked well (particularly having them in different parts of the house). Well done.

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