the store of secrets

Once  I was walking  around when I saw a small  bunny . “Where’s the shop?” it panted. “What shop”. I asked.  “Oh, doesn’t matter,” it said.  It started to run away so I followed it and it went inside a shop. I went inside and saw a portal.    When I came out,  I was in water  then I saw a huge boat . I swam towards it and saw the rabbit but it was bigger now , bluer and slightly squishy.  He said that his name was captain Snuggle Bunny and he was trying to stop him so I said that I would help.

One thought on “the store of secrets”

  1. Hi there! I’m guessing that Captain Snuggle Bunny was trying to stop the first bunny who wanted to go to the shop? That sounds like an interesting story. It makes me wonder what the first bunny was going to buy there. I like how you described Captain Snuggle Bunny – “bluer and slightly squishy”. It paints a pretty vivid and cartoon-like picture.

    Keep writing!

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