The surprise in the sunset tree

On a beautiful sunset day, in the distance Claire and Joey saw a beautiful tree. Joey ran to climb it. When he got to the top of the tree, he called Claire as she heard Joey's voice she ran closer and closer into the distance to the tree. Claire then carefully climbed up the tree. " Wow this tree isĀ  a funny position!" she exclaimed. "What's this?" asked Joey. Joey pulled out a note. He read, Hi kids, We knew you would climb this tree to look at the sunset.
Me and your dad have booked us a holiday. They were in shock and excitement. 

One thought on “The surprise in the sunset tree”

  1. Wow, your characters sound brave climbing trees to watch the sunset! Great use of speech between both characters, correct use of speech marks. Could you include any different punctuation at the end to show their excitement? That is a nice surprise for the children too, where could the holiday be to I wonder?

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