The surprising banana trip

Once there was a little boy called Timmy and he was having a banana for breakfast which was weird because today he was going on a trip with his parents to the zoo.  His parents’ names where Bob and Jacqueline. They had a lot of money and because of this, they were not  going to a petting zoo, it was a  GIANT ANIMAL ZOO! They were going in their  favourite car –  they got dressed in  their favourite clothes.  They finally got there when suddenly in front of them a gorilla jumped.  It was as black as coal, as heavy as an elephant and it damaged the floor then this happened…

2 thoughts on “The surprising banana trip”

  1. Hi Jack, I really enjoyed your 100-word challenge this week. Your story really painted a picture in my head. I also thought it was very funny especially when a gorilla jumped in front of them and damaged the floor. I will look out for your stories again. Well done – Izzie

  2. Hi Jack, your description of the gorilla really painted a picture in my mind. I like how left the end of the story for us to imagine. Good job – Charlotte

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