The three amigos

There once was three amigos . One pink, one black and one blue. Their names were Hungry, Jump and Revolving. They met  on holiday  for a secret mission when they were on the  golden beach. There were concrete walls, floors and even doors! Jump was laid down then BAM! BAM! BAM! ”IRON MONSTER IN THE TOWN” a random man said.  “It can knock over: trees,buildings, nearly everything.” Jump  went to Hungry  and they both went to Revolving then trumped in the iron  man’s face then they pulled funny faces until he was just a mythical thing. Everyone clapped as their job was done.                                         

One thought on “The three amigos”

  1. Kia ora Lacey. I think it’s very clever using three of the prompt words as names – I love it! Well done, I really enjoyed reading your fast-paced adventure about these three cheeky amigos.

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