the trip part 2


We were just climbing down the mountain when my younger brother Harvey ran away so I chased him and left the rest of the family walking.  But then Harvey slipped off a cliff. I thought my heart might stop but then I looked off the edge and he was hanging onto a tree branch that was about to break.  I called my friend who only lived round the corner called den AKA Denlan.

He came right away to help me. We found a long and strong stick. I told him to hold on. “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted.  Denlan said,  “I found a stick. grab on Harvey.” Denlan and I grabbed hold of the stick and pulled as hard as we could. We did it!


One thought on “the trip part 2”

  1. Hi Katie! I love the suspense in this story and thought it was really well-structured. I wonder how Harvey felt after being rescued. On another note, the point at which you used the prompt words was really clever as well. I’d imagine Harvey must have a pretty cool head or a witty personality to be able to reply so quickly in a dangerous situation.

    Great work and keep writing!

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