The violin man

I was in the park on Saturday when I heard some music down near the rocks.  I walked down to see what it was.  There was a man playing a violin and he was brushing his hair too.  Then his brush fell into a prickly bush. I said, are you ok?

he said oh ye younge man I should be the one saying that

I said huh and said how did I get hurt.

He said oh my I am geeting so old

I said you dont look older than 99 he said I am 90 0-0

I thought OOF I said sorry umm I need to go.  My mum has texted me BYEEE.

One thought on “The violin man”

  1. A good attempt to include the prompts, though it would be thoughtful if all of the prompts are included into the story-line. You also would want to go through your write-up to see for corrections, thus improving upon the story.

    Keep on writing.

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