The weird day

One day we drove to a mountain. We climbed slowly to the top. Some random music played when we got there.  There was this strange furry animal there – it was so annoying. We ran off because it was that annoying. The next day, later in the morning we bought a lottery ticket. Then we checked if we won. We could win 90 Billion pounds. And guess what – WE WON! We bought a mansion, a Mcdonald’s building and a limo and we still had 89 Billion. It was the best day of my life literally. THIS IS THE BEAT DAY EVER! We lived happily ever after.

One thought on “The weird day”

  1. Your story really made me smile, Elise. I love the list of things you chose to spend your amazing lottery win on. I also like the way you describe the strange furry animal as being annoying, although you don’t say why. Was it responsible for the random music, I wonder….

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