The white and grey castle

I woke up by my alarm clock to see my cat rolling on the rug.  I picked her up and saw my daughter playing with some crafty stuff. I asked her, ‘Do you want to go to the park?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ So we got out of our PJs and in some clothes and set off. We went past the white and grey  castle.  My daughter said, ‘Wha dat.’ I said, ‘a castle.’ Can i play in it? said my daughter.  I said no she said awww. I said but were going to have a picknic she said yayyyy so we say down.





One thought on “The white and grey castle”

  1. I can just picture your cat rolling on the rug. Great use of the prompt word!
    I can also imagine having a young daughter who would be content with a picnic if she wasn’t able to go into the castle. (Mind you, how cool would it have been if the picnic was in the castle grounds!?).
    Well done on your story,
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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