The witch

One dark stormy night there was a witch she had nothing else to do but she wanted to make a potion so she got her book with spells and potions in it. The potions were on page 56 and  she saw  raw fish , eyes and a piece of string to top of it.  The witch put it in a potion bottle.  The colour of the potion was green.  She got her flying stick to get ready to feed it to somebody so she went flying out the door and… she saw somebody!!!!

the witch: hey little boy wanna drink this?

the boy: okay what is it?

the witch: um melon its  really nice I’ve tried it

the boy: sound yum I’ll try it pass it here

the witch: ( HEHEHE ) okay you’ll love it

* the boy drinks it and gets poisoned *

the witch: ( laughs ) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHE