The Wobblebog


Oscar  and Freya were rapidly running through a creepy dark cave with a giant wobblebog

behind them! A Wobblebog is a huge creature that lives in swamps. He has massive stump legs with a green oozy body on top. He had eye sockets with no eyes in! Freya and Oscar were now scrambling out of the acid-dripping cave into the woods. They were  in the Mystical Forest. The Wobblebog picked up a wrinkled tree and threw it at them. Oscar pushed Freya to the side to stop her being squashed. Oscar sadly broke his leg.

Freya helped Oscar hobble away from the psychotic creature…

One thought on “The Wobblebog”

  1. Greetings from Australia Freya. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. I loved the dramatic start to your text – it hooked me in straight away. Your careful choice of vocabulary made the Wobblebog easy to visualise. Using alliteration was a great author’s device to use. I enjoyed reading your writing. I especially appreciated your accurate punctuation. I am nominating you for this week’s Special Showcase.

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