The Woman Dressed in Black

One night it was raining and I heard so many sounds, but I was all alone… it was so scary I had to open the door.  As soon as I opened the door, there was a box… it was raining so hard there was lightning, but I had to look inside. On top it had a danger symbol on it.

But I might cause something bad, it might be a curse.  I was shaking.  The ground was creaking. I went down stairs and went to go out my front door. When I opened it and there was a woman dressed in black. She showed her face and it had so much blood.  She said it’s not safe and her dress was creased.

One thought on “The Woman Dressed in Black”

  1. Hi Elise,
    What a spooky story! You’ve done a great job with the prompt this week.
    I wonder who the woman was?
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

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