There Is One Thing That Know One Will Know

Once there was a boy called  Bobby and he loved model figures. All he wanted was figures and one day his mum and dad went out with him and he found some toys one the floor.  “MUM DAD BUILDERS.” 

“Wow!” said mum and dad together.   They started  to go home  and Bobby said, “Can I play with them in my room?” 

“Of course  you can,” his parents replied.  He played with  them for a month  until they came alive. He dropped them and picked them  back up and threw them out of the window.  He needed to find new toys to play with  and his mum and dad finally  got him something – two ladybugs. He was so happy when he got them and played with them all the time.  He  stepped on them by accident  and he saw the legs  move so he stepped on them again.