things are starting to change in covid

Its scary time during carona but well all make it if we protect ourselves  but things gradually started to move.  Corona wasn’t as dangourus  and u could go to shops and u weren’t   stuck at home (T-T). But at some places in the UK, people were going back to school. Some people were happy some people were not and they didnt wanna go back (me at first). I did not want go to school, but I did miss my freind’s -_-”. I’m in year 4 now I understand that I have to go to school now.   Make sure to wash your hands keep safe. 🙂

One thought on “things are starting to change in covid”

  1. Writing and sharing a personal story can be scary too, but it can also help us and those who read our stories deal with what scares us. Just starting a new year can be scary without everything else that is going on right now. I think it was very clever of you to describe the things we are now allowed to do, in some parts of the UK, in relation to movement. Even changing your mind, as you did, can be seen as a type of movement, so your example was very fitting. You keep safe too.

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