One day I woke up and looked at the light blue pretty sky  and got ready for my talent show.  I did my hair brushed my teeth and had some breakfast.   I was so nervous for today and I was ready to go.  So I went out the door and started walking to the talent show.  I saw cars passing and saw light and dark green trees and then I saw prickly bushes.  I tried not to touch them and I was so so happy but nervous too.  When I got there, it was my turn to go on stage and I played my violin and then I finished and everybody clapped.

One thought on “Violin”

  1. Hi Bella,
    Well done for entering the challenge this week . You made great use of the writer’s voice to draw me into your writing and I can imagine just how nervous you would have been before your recital. Next time try to add more descriptive detail so your reader can picture things in their mind.
    Keep on writing.

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